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Deb’s Recipes

  • Deb’s favorite recipe to use with BBQ sauce. A simple recipe that uses pork to deliver an amazing meal!

  • A twist on the traditional meatloaf recipe using our sauces. If you really want to get crazy, use the Habanero BBQ sauce.

  • Make a great appetizer for any occasion with these lettuce wraps that takes advantage of some of our ginger sauces.

  • A delicious serving of chicken that really meets that sweet and sour taste by mixing pineapple with one of our great sauces. A must to try to change up your chicken dishes.

  • What BBQ sauce site be without a great BBQ rib recipe. You are going to want to try this one a few times, to find your perfect sauce.

  • One our personal favorites is this easy to make pulled pork. We really like the little kick that the Habanero sauce adds to the meal. You will too!

  • Become a BBQ brisket of beef expert with these instructions. Prepare this the right way with time and our sauces, and you will not be disappointed with the taste.

  • Here is a simple way to add a little flavor to that ham you are cooking for the holidays. Everyone will feel obligated to give you better presents after trying this ham glaze.

Customer’s Recipes

  • A great saute that you can throw over some rice or noodles. Eliminate the pork and you have a very healthy meal.

  • A great customer submission that takes a unique take on Hawaiian Pork Burgers and adding even more pork flavor with our sauce. Great!

Cooking Tip #1  Sauce will burn over an open flame. Be sure to BBQ it over lower heat and slower for a moist meat.


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