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Sweet and Saucee is co-owned by long time friends Ryan Quigley and Kerry Cathcart. They purchased the company in 2013 from the founder and sauce master, Deb Richardson, in order to make sure  these amazing sauces could continue ending up in kitchens and on tables across the country.

Deb got her start making barbecue sauce for her friends & family for over 30 years. Everyone told her the sauce was so good, she should think about selling it. In September of 2003, Deb cooked 100 small tubs of sauces and when to her local farmers market and Sweet and Saucee was born. Soon after, Deb found a bottling company in Auburn to bottle her secret recipes. Within 30 days Deb had her new business, her new logo, and her 1st bottle in hand! She started with three sauces, Original, Garlic, and Habanero and grew her business every year by expanding her offerings to include different BBQ sauces, marinades, and salad dressings.

In 2011, Kerry discovered Deb and Sweet & Saucee at the Santa Clara Home & Garden Show and quickly fell in love with the sauces (and Deb’s crock pot pulled pork recipe). Over the next couple years, Kerry became one of Deb’s top customers. In 2013,  went to sweetandsaucee.com to put in a new order, and discovered that Deb was selling the company. She mentioned it to her friend Ryan, also a Sweet and Saucee fan, and he quickly urged her to buy and offered to be her business partner in the venture.

A few months later, with papers signed over a steak dinner, Kerry & Ryan took ownership of Sweet and Saucee. Much to our luck, Deb’s love for the company has kept her involved in show sales and order management — so check out our ‘events we attend‘ page to find out where you can find her next!